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  SmilesDolls presents BJD dolls and their accessories (eyes, shoes, clothes) made according to unique author's sketches.
  Technologically, the production of collectible SmilesDolls is a very complex process. The author creates a sketch, then the molds of a new doll, which are cast in a professional workshop from expensive high-quality polyurethane. This is a very reliable material that is not prone to cracks and chips. This material is incredibly smooth and velvety to the touch, without seams - the doll is almost like a living one! Further hauling, gluing, make-up, selection and creation of clothes and accessories. All this is handmade, requiring a lot of professional experience and a lot of time.



  • BJd

    Author's Bjd Dolls "SmilesDolls".

      BJD (ball-jointed doll) - ball-jointed doll made of polyurethane and highly detailed. Thanks to the hinge system, such a doll can take almost any human pose.

      BJD dolls SmilesDolls are made according to unique author's sketches. All collections are limited. SmilesDolls dolls will become a real gem of your collection and an excellent investment in the future, because every year their value and uniqueness will only grow.

  • Reborn

    Reborn dolls from master reborn Vasilyeva Valentina.

        Reborn - in translation means newly born. These are dolls that completely imitate real babies. They have the size and proportions of a real child. Reborn dolls are collectible dolls, handmade dolls. 
        Vasilyeva Valentina - master reborn. I have been painting reborn dolls for many years. Babies born in my workshop are bought by collectors from all over the world.

  • Eyes

    Handmade eyes.

    SmilesDolls represents the handmade eyes for the dolls. All eyes are made according to a unique design.

  • Make-up

    Make-up service "Smiles".

      My name is Valentina. I'm a professional doll artist. I have been painting BJD dolls for more than 12 years. I offer my Maik-up services "Smiles." I make orders of any complexity. I work all over the world.

  • Other

    BJD dolls and their parts from well-known manufacturers.

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